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if you want my autobiography...

baby, just ask me

katie ♥
2 September
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~katie~ "i don't want to be anything other than me" --gavin degraw-- "you treat me like i'm a princess...i'm not used to liking that" --alanis morisette-- "now some people like coffee, some an egg or two, but early in the morning only one thing will do - i want some kisses for my breakfast" --the fifth estate--
Strengths: friendly, creative, smart
Weaknesses: lack of common sense, not thinking before i speak, procrastination
Special Skills: my special skills include my ability to fold my tongue all funny and being able to stretch kinda like Barbie
Weapons: lets see...my weapons of mass destruction include my mary-kate and ashley videos and my hello kitty collection. quite frightening.
Favorite Music: mandy moore, todd rundgren, christina aguilera, britney spears, the fifth estate, alanis morisette, sugar ray, jason mraz, the beatles, billy joel, carole king, beach boys, boston, M2M, michelle branch, clay aiken, john mayer, sheryl crow, TLC, gavin degraw, beyonce knowles

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a christmas story, a walk to remember, acting, aeropostale, aim, al tv, alexis bledel, annie, apple crumb pie, applebees, apples, arthur, ashanti, ashlee simpson, avril lavigne, bananas, beauty and the beast, blogs, boston, boys, bubblegum, bye bye birdie, cantaloupe, capris, care bears, celine dion, cheerios, cheers, cheez-its, chicago, chicken caesar salads, chili's, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate milk, christmas, cranium, croutons, dancing, dell, diet dr. pepper, diet pepsi twist, diet vanilla coke, disney world, doug funnie, dreaming, english, everwood, express, eyeshadow, flintstones ice cream push-pops, florida, footloose, fps, fresca, friends, gap, gelly rolls, ghiradelli chocolate, gilmore girls, ginger foutley, grease, guys, hello kitty, hershey, hey arnold, hopscotch, hugs and kisses, humanities, ice cream, icons, jelly beans, jeopardy, jessica simpson, jewel, kc 101, kiss 95.7, limited too, lip gloss, m&m's, madeline, maid in manhattan, mandy moore, mariah carey, martha's vineyard, meg cabot, michelle branch, mike & ikes, money, monopoly, motorola v710, movies, mtv, musicals, nachos, nail polish, new york city, niagara falls, nickelodeon, nintendo, on the border, one tree hill, orange sherbet, pearsons, pictionary, pink, post-it notes, project adventure, rainbows, rainy days, reading, reeses peanut butter cups, rugrats, sanrio, screws, selena, shopping, skittles, snowflakes, spanish, special k cereal bars, spring break, star 99.9, stars, summer, sweet home alabama, tastebuds deli, teen people, the beach, the beatles, the disney channel, the gap, the mall, the music man, the nutcracker, the princess diaries, the sims, todd rundgren, trading spaces, uconn, victoria's secret, wendy's school of dance, winnie the pooh, wizard of oz, xylophones, zoolander, , ,