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if you want my autobiography...
baby, just ask me

Well, today started with climbing into Lou's Jeep and listening to techno music all the way to school.  I swear, that music was in my head all day long.  I couldn't get it out of my head.

With that said, my school day wasn't so terrible.  Started with FPS...all I have to say is that it isn't my fault.  And my pink sparkly shoes are cute, I don't care what anyone else thinks.  In APES we listened to Mrs. I talked and I kind of drifted in and out.  Bought M&M's from Chris which were really yummy.  A good morning "pick-me-up".  Then headed over to Calculus where I "worked" on the review assignment.  I'll study tomorrow... Then film study where Mr. Vezina continues to treat us like we are in middle school, but hey, I can't complain.  Have to remember to include those damn transition sentences.

After school wasn't so hot.  My grandmother is moving into an assisted living center this week and my mom is freaking out.  Then I told her that Senior Night was Thursday (the day my grandmother is moving) and she went ballistic on me.  I told her it wasn't a big deal and that I'd go with my Dad after work.  And then she flipped out about work (because I'm working until 7:30).  She proceeded to tell me to call work.  I refused and persisted that I would go afterwards.  So she called Stop & Shop and Joe wasn't there so she talked to a CDH...I don't even know who...and asked if there was anyway I could leave early on Thursday.  Then whoever it was said, she should be calling herself...and my mom replied, "She doesn't want to call".  Argh! I don't want to GO is more like it.  It sucks when your parents try to control every aspect of your life.  I don't care about my stupid class rank.  A number isn't meaningful to me at all.

Dancing was fun...the best though is driving home fast with the windows all the way down, music blasting and rain and air rushing at your face.  It is the most invigorating, refreshing thing ever.  I swear, I felt so much better about everything in my life after that 4 minute ride home...

Now I just have to go read some more Catch-22...I am so far behind.

"Catch" ya'll later...<3 katie

P.S. ^ I need to get a life

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I <3 Virginia.

It was so much fun. I loved The College of William & Mary...not like I am actually going to get in, but it is still a beautiful campus and it offers a tremendous liberal arts program.

But, aside from Busch Gardens, the best part of the trip was that I found my one true love.

Diet Mountain Dew Code Red!!!

Oh my gosh, you have no idea how excited I was when I went into that Food Lion and saw that they had a diet version of Mountain Dew Code Red. Stupid Connecticut should sell this - it's amazing. My favorite soda ever. I wiped them out and bought the last three 12-packs. It's soooo good.

I got my hours from Stop & Shop...I am afraid they are mad at me for taking sudden time off to go to Virginia. I'm working Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, which is perfect. Well, maybe not perfect for my social life, but it's 15 hours. It's just the right amount. I saw Caren and Scott there. Can't wait to return to work...ha.

Okay, now that I have been able to share my newfound excitement, I must go write my AP Lit essay...haha. I barely have a paragraph done. This is so pathetic. I want to go back to Williamsburg! Oh, and by the way, BIG Congratulations to my KELLINA! I can't wait to see you as Snoopy! You're gonna bring down the house! :-D And Congratulations to everyone else that got a part! I'm sure it's going to be great. I wish I could have tried out! Hopefully for the next play. I'll definitely help out backstage for this one.

Goodnight everyone. <3 katie

p.s. oh, and jason, i'm sure your movie will be delightful. and with you, antonio, derek, chris, and vin, just chock full of cute boys. hahaha.

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~michelle branch~

highlights from today's day at school...

-fps-sub..."so what happens if you start with the wrong letters?" "you're screwed"
-apes-me: "i can't see the notes"
nick: "why don't you just copy off of me, you're used to it anyway"
-calc-ugh...so many notes. mr. castelot, why must you confuse me so??
-film study with mr. vezina. man, that guy is so much fun.

i baby-sat after school for a little bit.
then i came home and read for ap lit.
after that was dinner, then talked to joe on the phone.
then between 6 and 7..idk really. that's what i call the "lost hour" lol lauren
around 7:30 i brought back the late dvd's from hollywood video. $16.92. damn. such a waste.
then i came home and helped to get my sister ready for bed.
and now, instead of doing my psych i am procrastinating online...lovely.

i'm going to go find something more worthwhile to do with my time.
xoxo ~katie~

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Well, school starts tomorrow. How depressing is that?

I just finished reading my Psychology book...Dibs in Search of Self. I began reading it last night at 12...I am such a procrastinator. It actually was a pretty interesting book...I have a feeling I am going to enjoy that class this year.

My birthday is this week...the 2nd! I keep forgetting it's that close. I'm going to be 17. Somehow that doesn't really excite me that much. I already feel at least 17.

Work today from 2:30-7:30. It's kind of sad that I have to work on my last day of summer. Oh, and yesterday, you'll never guess who came through my line...

Mr. Marak! And his son. He was all scruffy, he had like the beginning of a beard going. It was kinda cute. But he was just another reminder that in less than 24 hours I will be in school.

Senior year...let's make it memorable guys.

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LJ cutting this cause honestly who else cares how much i know about the 90's?Collapse )

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wow, it's really weird to think that all the seniors are going to college...i'm going to miss everyone.

last night was fun. we went to chili's and played some cranium at scott's house. matt came over too. what is the first thing matt is going to do when he gets to college? Begins with an "A"....Anyone! haha. It was really good to talk to Scott about my senior year and everything. It was weird though, it didn't feel like goodbye cause we haven't had a chance to talk a lot this summer. Good luck to all the seniors! Carrie and Jen, I wish you guys the best of luck in NYC! And to Scott and Matt, I want to hear a lot of fun, drunken stories! :)

well, i'm babysitting...which includes baking cookies with my sister and hanging out with derek, jason, and chris on the swingset...this should be interesting.

much summer homework still to do. i am such a procrastinator. work tomorrow. come visit me at Stop & Shop. 2-8 PM.

xo's katie

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School begins in one week...that's really scary. and sad. :(

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Name: Katie
D.O.B.: September 2
Location: North Haven

Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Light Blue
Height: 5' 2"

Clothing: cute, girly
Music: pop/rock

Wearing: jeans and an old navy t-shirt
Listening To: Ashlee Simpson "Love Makes The World Go Round"
Thinking of: all the summer homework left to do

Bought: McDonald's for my brother, my sister, and myself
Ate & Drank: grilled chicken salad and a few french fries
Read: my friends list
Watched on TV: best week ever on VH1

Club or Houseparty: houseparty
Tea or Coffee: neither
Achiever or Slacker: achiever
Beer or Cider: cider
Drinks or Shots: drinks
Cats or Dogs: dogs
Single or Taken: single
Gloves or Mittens: gloves
Food or Candy: candy
Cassette or CD: CD

Kill: no one right now...
Hear From: steph, cause i haven't talked to her in a while
Get Really Wasted With: friends
Look Like: hmmm, maybe alexis bledel
Be Like: i'm okay with who i am
Avoid: well, no one. but i wish i could avoid school.

Touched: Sara for a hug
Talked To: in person? michael, online? antonio, on the phone? lauren
Hugged: Sara Michelle
Instant Messaged: antonio

Eat: mainly i get take-out and bring it home to eat
Dance: Wendy's School of Dance...wherever else i just feel like dancing
Cry: in my room, in front of my parents, in the car...haha
Wish You Were: I wish I was at a tropical island resort with all of the luxuries

Drank alcohol? martha's vineyard
Broken the law? driving lauren 10 feet to her house. haha.
Ran away from home? when i was 5
Broken a bone? i've never ever broken a bone
Cheated on a test? haha. umm..back when school was in session.
Played Truth Or Dare? at kimberly's partay
Flashed someone? never
Mooned Someone? never
Kissed someone you didn't know? nope
Been on a talk show/game show? nope
Been in a fight? ehh, nothing serious recently
Ridden in a fire truck? when i went to visit the firehouse in kindergarten
Been on a plane? we flew from martha's vineyard to nantucket in a private plane
Come close to dying? never really
Cheated on your Boy/Girlfriend? never
Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride? Sara when I could lift her that high
Eaten a worm/mud pie? ewww never
Swam in the ocean? a week ago at South Beach in MV
Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up? last night

The most embarrassing CD in your collection?: B*Witched
Your bedroom like?: light pink walls, pink carpet, a queen sized bed, tv, old computer, pics all over the walls, it's a comfy place
Your favorite thing for breakfast?: sprinklins strawberry yogurt
Your favorite thing for lunch?: nachos or cookie dough
Your favorite thing for dinner?: cheeseburger or chicken caesar salad
Your favorte Restaurant?: On The Border

A Good Student?: yup
Good At Sports?: haha, no way. i dance.
Wakeboarding/Snowboarding: i've never tried
A Good Singer?: i used to be pretty good...and then it all went downhill.
A good Actor/Actress?: i'd like to think so.
A deep sleeper?: usually
A Good Dancer?: yup
Shy?: nah
Outgoing?: yup
A good storyteller?: haha, no way. i always get off topic or repeat myself or say ummm a thousand times.

Emotion you hide most: negative opinions
Emotion you tend to experience most: apprehension
The emotion you are feeling most lately: sadness
When you are angry you need: to scream obscenities really loudly
When you are sentimental you need: to cry
When you are in love you need: to be held

Sing the alphabet backwards?: nope
Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes?: yup
Speak any other languages?: i'm in spanish V next year
Go a day without food?: i have never done it before
Stay up for more than 24 hours?: yeah, but by the end i am exhausted
Read music, not just tabs?: somewhat. i know notes on the piano.
Roll your tongue?: nope, but i can make a four leaf clover

Seen a shooting star?: not that i can remember
Been to any other countries besides the united states?: Canadia
Had a serious surgery?: nope, i've only had 10 teeth removed.
Gone out in public in your pajamas?: yupp
Cried over a girl?: yes
Cried over a boy?: oh yeah, definitely
Had alcohol?: yupp
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator?: haha, yeah.
Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc?: nope
Swore at your parents?: oh yes...lots.
Kicked a guy where it hurts?: oh yes.
Been in love?: maybe.
Been close to love?: yes.
Broken a bone?: nope...and that was a question already
Gotten stitches?: nope
Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour?: ewww
Made homemade muffins?: yes
Bitten someone?: oh yes.
Been to Disneyland/Disneyworld?: yes
More than 5 times?: Nope, 3 times.

Brushed your teeth: when i got home from Stop & Shop at 6:45
Saw a movie in theaters: Shrek 2
Had a party: umm i was like 11. my mom wants me to have one this year...i don't really want to.
Tripped in front of someone: yes, all the time
Went to the grocery store: haha. like everyday. it's my job. last time was this afternoon.

Do you have a best friend?: i have a lot of close friends.
Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends?: hmmm. might be an even toss up. maybe more guys.
Have you ever lost a friend?: yeah.
What's an inside joke between you and a friend?: bananas, screws, cantaloupe, flies...haha that was a while ago.
Do you miss any of your old friends?: yeah i do.
What friend have you known the longest?: Amanda
How often do you spend time with your friends?: not often enough
Newest Friend?: my Stop & Shop co-workers i guess
Best dancer?: Amanda Kosack or Corey Ney
Most like you?: Lauren
Relate to a lot?: My Mom
Understands you most?: most of my friends understand me
Is always there for you?: i can always count on my friends for support.

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i just got home from my family vacation.

let's just say, i am glad to be home. as beautiful as martha's vineyard is, and as cool as it was to fly in a private plane to nantucket, and as fun as it was to have a townhouse on the beach in the cape...i missed my friends.

stop & shop gave me 25.5 hours this week. i don't want to work that much this week. i want to enjoy the rest of my summer before school starts up again.

i still need to do all of the pysch work... i read "god of small things" and i am almost done with "song of solomon". i am too lazy. i need some motivation!

i want to go back to school shopping soon...i need some new clothes! anybody interested in going?

well, that's all for now...i need to go to sleep so i can wake up for work at 7:30 in the morning!

xoxo ~katie~

p.s. i am in all WenNey 3's next year! i was really surprised! i'm happy though! :)

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