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Three Years Ago & Today.. - if you want my autobiography...
baby, just ask me
Three Years Ago & Today..
Three Years Ago

How old were you?: 15
What grade/year were you in?: Between 10th & 11th
Where did you go to school?: North Haven High School
Where did you work?:
Where did you live?: with my parents
How was your hair style?: Shoulder length
Did you wear braces?: Nope, they were off by then
Did you wear glasses?: When I felt like it
Who was your best friend?: Stephanie
Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend: Antonio
Who was your celebrity crush?: Josh Hartnett
Who was your regular-person crush?: Haha
How many tattoos did you have? Zero
How many piercings did you have?: Just one hole in each ear
What was your favorite band/group?: The Beatles
What was your worst fear?: Getting in trouble
Had you smoked a cigarette yet?: Nope
Had you gotten drunk and high yet?: Nope
Had you driven yet: A Go-Kart
Had you been to a real party yet?: Nope
Had your heart broken?: Nope


How old are you?: 18, almost 19!
What grade/year are you in?: Going to be a Sophomore
Where do you go to school?: UConn
Where do you work?: Buckley, Frame, Boudreau & Co. and UConn Rec
Where do you live?: North Haven & soon.. Watson 604
Where do you hang out? NH - Amanda's house, the mall, and restaurants.. UConn - Dorm rooms, parties, the library (I'm really cool)
How is your hair style? Longer and highlighted
Do you have braces?: No wayy
Do you wear glasses?: I should?
Who is your best friend: Amanda
Who is you bf/gf?: Bryan
Who is your celebrity crush?: Topher Grace
Who is your regular-person crush?: My boyfriendd
How many piercings do you have?: Same
What is your favorite singer/group: I love Mariah Carey.
What is your biggest fear?: Not being successful and disappointing myself
Have you smoked a cigarette yet?: No wayy.. gross
Have you gotten drunk and high?: Drunk, yeah.. but no smoking for me
Has your heart been broken?: Ehhh
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