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i look at the ground, and give the sky the middle finger* - if you want my autobiography...
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i look at the ground, and give the sky the middle finger*

I have not updated in the longest time.  I don't even know where I should start...

Well, today was the first meeting for Grease!, the senior class play.  I am excited about it, but a little nervous too.  I am Sandy and Nick is Danny.  It's going to be fun, hopefully.  Everyone better come to see it on March 11th and/or 12th.

I got into the UConn Honors program! Yay! That means I am definitely going to college.  It's such a relieving feeling.  I also received the achievement scholarship, like Meggie and Steve (and other people I don't remember).  I may very well go there.  It is a very good school for a state college, and I really have to think about whether or not I want a lot of academic loans to pay off later in life.  I think I would fit in well at UConn, and despite what people say, it may be the best place for me right now.

The film project is going to take a lot of work.  So far, we filmed a scene in which Dave mugs me as Lor sits idly on the bench nearby stoned out of his mind.  They also made mischief one night at Hansen Park...I still have yet to see that scene.  I still do not understand the whole plot of the movie, but knowing their devotion to this project, I have the comfort of knowing that it will turn out awesome.

This week has been kind of crazy.  It's like we've all (or actually, maybe just me) have (has) reverted back to 6th grade.  I had no intentions of being mean or trying to hurt anyone.  I don't hate you, never have, actually, I admire your intelligence; you are one of the brightest people that I have ever met.  I said some petty things; none of which I actually meant.  It's easy to say things you wish you could take back when you feel the need to defend yourself.  I definitely am insecure, and I often feel the need to hide that with sarcarsm or jokes.  I cannot undo my actions and words, but I do apologize.  I have always known that you don't "control" anyone, except yourself, and despite our differences, I think you are a good person.  I am sorry, to you, and the people involved.

For Christmas I received an iPod Photo, and it is awesome.  Finally I have a soundtrack to my life, haha.  I also have contacts now.  I always feel too tired to put them on in the morning...any advice on how to wake myself enough to do it?  Today was a fun day at school.  I drew Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in Psych.  Laur drew birthday confetti and streamers.  Dan drew "Delvin".  Linda drew a really cool eagle, Marc drew a boat, Meggie drew a seascape, and Chris drew...a hotdog? haha.  Spanish we read some more Ana Maria Matute.  She's really dark, but all of her short stories connect, which is kind of neat.  English was fun.  I really love Pride and Prejudice.  It's such a beautiful love story, and Mr. Bennet's indifference combined with Mrs. Bennet's hysteria is quite amusing.  What did Dan say in class today...oh, I know: Bing Lee. ha.  The play meeting after school today affirmed that it will be taking over my life, combined with working at the S&S.  I should probably be studying for Calculus, considering I am lacking in my knowledge of anti-derivatives...

there's an answer, if you reach into your soul*  katie

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From: lostmymind87 Date: January 4th, 2005 10:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
yeah, i'm really thinking about going to uconn too now :) with the scholarship & honors program, its a really sweet deal
vintagemuzak From: vintagemuzak Date: January 4th, 2005 11:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
aw, i'm proud of you. you did a very big thing. and everyone has reverted back to their 6th grade self. maybe we are scared of 2005, and the looming possibilities of things to come, so we are trying to protect ourselves by acting immature or crazy. we're all just grabbing at our last few months of high school and life in NH.
congrats on the uconn honors program...this i did not know!

hope things get better, for allllll of us.
<3 ya
From: (Anonymous) Date: January 6th, 2005 10:26 pm (UTC) (Link)


ive never written in one of these things.....and i may never again....but i have to say this was one of the most depressing boring sad things i have ever read in my life, i think lj's are for ppl who have something to talk about... sorry katie but this is terrible.
From: rlur Date: February 17th, 2013 02:17 am (UTC) (Link)
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